This can’t be our new normal

Yesterday my daughter’s workplace was on lockdown for over 2 hours because a man was seen on the grounds with a gun in a holster.

My morning was going well, I have been off-work due to a surgery but I was feeling like getting some important phone calls made when I received a text from my daughter to turn on the news because something was happening at her job.

I searched and did not see anything so I asked her what was going on and she told me that her building was on lockdown.  My heart sank. As an activist in the gun violence prevention movement I knew how very bad this could get.

She has always been my partner in the movement and in fact it is because of her prompting that I got into GVP and politics. She was scared.

Her immediate supervisors defied the orders to shelter in place and required her area to remain on the phones. There are 5 sites in the country that answer those calls it was ridiculous that they were made to stay on the phone.

At some point she got under her desk to hide. She said she thought this is not helping and went into the bathroom and hid in a handicapped stall.

My child (yes she is 27 but still my child) HID IN THE BATHROOM AT WORK BECAUSE OF A MAN WITH A GUN!  I went from scared to angry to scared to angry again.


And before anyone starts talking about 2nd Amendment rights, let me say that this is a bank corporate headquarters. You are not allowed to smoke in the parking lot, let alone have a gun on the grounds.

So this person that the police did not find, broke the law. They also induced panic and crippled a business for several hours.

Ohio is an open carry state. But most rational people do not want to see guns on the hip of anyone except law enforcement. There is no way to know if the person open carrying is harmless or a menace.

And again guns are not allowed on this property period so this person knew that panic would be the response to their foolishness.

Someone said to me that whether a gun is fired or not it creates a chaos. We have lockdowns occurring all over the country because a gun is seen in an area or there is a shooting nearby. I would think that the nations CEOs and stockholders would be incensed about the loss of revenue that these events create.

We have school days disturbed because of these types of events. Our lives and livelihoods should not be collateral damage to a right to carry a gun. And I am not against gun ownership but I am very much against bringing guns everywhere. It just is not necessary and creates chaos and panic.

This is not a wild west movie. You do not get to carry everywhere just to prove you are cool. You are not cool. No one but you believes that you are going to save the day from a bad guy. This is not about a hobby or an interest. I like scrapbooking but I do not get to carry my case of supplies everywhere I go.

This person was not law abiding. NOT. AT. ALL. It was illegal to be on the grounds with that gun. He induced panic. And he had a law enforcement response that wasted man hours. I hope they figure out who this person is and prosecute him. More importantly I hope that this person loses the right to ever own a firearm again. It is clear they don’t know how to be responsible.

Some want us to not think anything of seeing a person in the store or church or movie theatre with a gun strapped to their side. They want us to think that behavior is normal. It is not normal it is asinine and I will continue to fight this madness.

I am so very grateful that no one was hurt yesterday.  I am thankful that security handled things well and kept everyone safe.

And when my daughter came home I hugged her. But I could not assure her that this would never happen again

and THAT pissed me off.


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