Making Social Media Social

I have 1169 friends on facebook. My friends come from all areas of my almost 52 years on this planet. Besides my family I have friends from elementary school, junior and senior high. I have friends from college, church, work, a move to California, social clubs and all of my various political activities.  The criticism I hear so often about social media is that it is disconnecting us from each other and that can be true if we let it.

I am a social person by nature so if someone posts a need or a concern if it is in my power I do something about it. And conversely when I have a need or a concern I post it to my friends for help and advise.

A big buzzword these days is Networking. Folks exchange cards and hope to get ahead or expand their brand by these brief encounters at an event. But to effectively network you have to establish a relationship with a person.

So, are we establishing relationships on our various social media platforms? Or are we just people watching?

My activism has always been rooted in love. So everyday I go online and send love and check up on folks. I support events when I can. And in general I try to do online what I do offline.

My online family has blessed me. From looking out for my daughter in a foreign country to sending meals when I am unable to stand. And my 50th birthday 2 years ago was made very special by my facebook family.

I am thankful that my friends and I are much more than people watchers. We still know that being social is important.

What about you? Are you a watcher or are you a friend?


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