Suck it up Buttercup

I have seen a few messages where folks were upset that people are posting graphic images relating to the events in Syria over the last week. The gist of the posts were please don’t post that, we are all on the same side and you are traumatizing us.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not posted any of the images. They are graphic and disturbing and sad and, and ……………

BUT, we have to stop with the drive to be so nice, so blind. We have to stop looking the other way when it comes to these events. Do you know why?

This is a message to women:

Because our looking away and pretending it didn’t happen is what led to these events. Everytime we turn away it ups the ante. During the late 90s we had a series of school shootings that did not get folks mobilized as it should have and now we are not safe anywhere.

We turn a blind eye to the violence going on in the streets in our cities and towns across america and young lives are lost everyday.

We have a man run for president on the platform of hate and evil and WOMEN put him in office because of hatred of self.

LADIES if we do not look at the terrible and then do something about it this will olny get much worse.

So post those pictures. Keep getting upset and then DO SOMETHING!

Our inaction is destroying the world.


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