Oh the places you will go as a mom

I am writing this for the moms who still have little ones at home. The moms who can’t imagine their kids as adults. The moms who are thinking, when they turn 18, or 21, I will be able to…………OR I won’t have to………

Well I hate to burst your bubble. I am here to tell you today that you just might go places that you never imagined visiting and you will be blessed by the experience.

My older two children have a passion for prison ministry. A couple years ago my son had me come to the closing ceremonies for a ministry he participated in called Outside Brothers.

I went with him to a men’s prison south of Columbus. We had a very moving service in the chapel where the men spoke of their time with the outside brothers and how they learned about God. It was interesting to have dinner with the men and their families afterward. They had stories to tell about how they had really enjoyed talking with my son and his friend. I even learned that raman can be turned into pizza.

That experience was way outside of my comfort zone. But I was blessed seeing my son showing God’s love to others.

In April of 2015 I found myself boarding a plane to go see my daughter who was doing mission work in Africa. So off I went to Swaziland. Africa was not exactly on my list of places to visit. I don’t like extreme heat, bugs, monkeys, being dirty. She had already told me I might have to hold a baby that wasn’t wearing a diaper. I was worried that I might cause an international incident I worried that I would want to buck the system and change what I saw.

What I saw was ministry in action. I saw folks helping and loving within the boundaries of  a foreign government. When I first went to the caresite I wanted to call the owner of crocs and get shoes for all of the children,  then call fruit of the loom and get them underwear. I wanted to get them clothes with no holes in them.  What I learned is while all of that was wonderful it would be a temporary fix. If I really wanted to make a permanent difference I needed something other than a bandaid solution. So I loved them while I could and learned about the program that existed there.

And I was blessed watching my daughter love those children and teach them about God.

This past weekend my daughter worked with incarcerated pregnant women. I got to the jail for the closing program and the guard would not let me in, he said I was not on the list. I tried to explain that my daughter had put me on the list weeks ago and he informed me that he knew who she was, but she did not have the power to put me on any list.

After a few more folks showed up he decided to call the chaplain and we were allowed into the facility. My second time in a prison because my children have hearts for these types of ministry. I have to admit I was ready to leave when I got pushback from the guard. But I stayed and again I was blessed.

about 15 young women came in and told of their experience that weekend. They were blessed, they had never felt love like that before. They want to get their lives straight for their children.

Part of the weekend involved them receiving cards with notes in them. Some of them had never gotten a card before. Some had never celebrated their birthday.

Think about this- no one had ever said to them or showed them that they were glad that they were born. I was in tears.

Being a mom brings with it many adventures. When are kids are young we hope that they are able to outdo what we did, that they will be good citizens of this world, and that they will be happy. My kids are all of that, what I did not expect is the way the would expand my world.

I am blessed. I have raised 3 great human beings. They are loved and they share that love with the world.

I am proud of them.


2 thoughts on “Oh the places you will go as a mom

  1. Julie, that was an amazing share. Thank you. You have raised three wonderful children and you have every right to brag on them. They are not the norm for young people these days. I am also blessed by two amazing kids and you are right, you never know the places you will go.


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