Don’t fall for the Okey-Doke

Last night a speech was read slowly from a teleprompter. People are saying it was presidential. People are sighing relief that maybe this won’t be so bad.

I even saw that Van Jones said there was a point when the speaker became the President.


This administration plans to take away millions of folk’s insurance.

This administration plans to stop immigration. Because if you believe that they are only after illegal immigrants you are mistaken. Look what happened in airports all across the country recently. Many prevented from coming into the country had a legal right to be here.

The rhetoric of this administration is allowing for an upsurge in hate crimes. People are being murdered and sexual assault is on the rise again specifically because of the  belief that it is ok to do these things now.


Nothing has changed. The cabinet picks for this administration are terrible for regular people. These folks will not be bringing back jobs, protecting citizens from hate crimes. Making sure that our children are fed and educated. But you can be assured that billionaires will continue to do well.

I keep seeing everyone say we need to resist! We need to fight! And don’t get me wrong we do need to hold onto and fight for every right we currently have, but we need to stop playing act and react.

We must beat them at their own game. They are still having fun with us.They are still dividing us. We are allowing them to run us over, back us and run us over again.

I have always said that politics is like a game or a puzzle. You have to know how to get from point A to point B. You have to know how to plan ahead and work the plan. You have to allow for contingencies, allow for some losses in order to win the big prize and once you have what you want to have to put in the plans to keep it in place. If you don’t, all you have is confusion and fighting and mess.

So……..what should we be doing?

Well we need to be planning ahead for BOTH 2018 and 2020. And that organizing and work starts now. You have to get folks involved NOW…..TODAY! You have to get folks involved at their local levels. We have to have city, county and state folks who are legislating for the global good. Thy cannot be working for corporate interests. We also have to vote with our dollars and stop giving our money to companies who keep the harmful folks in power.

Sound daunting? It is. But it is necessary. We currently have the President that we have because his team knew how many electoral votes he needed to win and they went about getting them. And they used a variety of messaging that worked. We were so busy defending nonsense instead of organizing, we were so busy fighting an impostor in our ranks that we  were not looking when they were sweeping up the votes.

Were Russians involved? Probably. Did the 3rd part folks hurt us? In some areas yes. Did voter apathy hurt us? Yes big time. Did we run a bad candidate? Maybe.

I believe if you organize correctly you can run any candidate. If you don’t believe me, look who won the presidency. He won because they played the electoral college game well. Truth be told he beat the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans got on board at the end because they knew they would lose their party altogether if they didn’t play nice.

On our side, our impostor riled up some folks with lies, couldn’t get enough votes, claimed that he was cheated when he wasn’t. He thought that these folk who were following knew the rules of the game and they didn’t. So he never had the votes he needed to succeed in getting the nomination. And yet he has the balls to say he could’ve won the general. No booboo you could not get your folks to vote correctly the results would have been the same.

We have to be smarter and fast. We have to go out and start working in communities NOW. We have to make sure that ALL electeds at ALL levels are working for US. We have to make sure that we are not allowing folks to die of preventable diseases, that we are making sure folks have food, shelter and healthcare. We need to know who our representatives are at each level. We need to advance the folks up who would be able to play the game well.

We have to stop looking at every shiny object they hold up to keep us distracted. They are literally passing bills and doing harm in congress while we are worrying about Ivanka’s shoes, Or if Kellyanne had hers on the couch, or what crazy thing he has said now.

He is now presidential, he is playing chess and we are the pawns. If we do not get our side together we will lose generations.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy. And I am sorry but you are going to have to leave the house. Social media is not going to do the trick this time.

Slactivism is getting folks killed. What will you do? Who will you get involved in the process?



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