My views on the town hall

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the CNN town hall last night on the campus of The Ohio State University. Even though I was just 2 days from surgery on my abdomen I went because this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The town hall was sponsored by CNN and TV One so both Jake Tapper and Roland Martin were the moderators.

Bernie Sanders was up first. As I sat there on stage I was kind of surprised at how non-presidential this man is and I began to understand the hype about him. He is the quintessential grandpa. He says all of the things that you want to hear. He make Santa Claus like promises that he will never be able to fulfill.

He and his supporters have tried to say he was a major person in the civil rights movement. But even if that were true (it is not) that was 50 years ago. What has he done since? All of the things he was saying last night sounded great but he had opportunity to do some of these things as a Senator and he has not. Why?

There is a great article in the Huffington Post that sums up how I feel about Senator Sanders :

It explains how the Senator has been absent from important issues he now claims to care about.

I know that he is terrible on the issue that I care about gun violence. Not only has he ignored victims and survivors who wanted to meet with him, he voted for and continues to support immunity for the gun manufacturers for the damage their products do to our communities. He also voted against the Brady bill five times, he is not the candidate for me. And during his time on the stage gun violence never came up.

Realistically, Bernie’s proposals are fantasy. He does not have the power nor connections to make anything he is promising happen. I cannot see him meeting with world leaders he seems nice but he won’t be effective.

Next Hilary came on the stage. She in contrast to Sen. Sanders is polished and regal and does look presidential.

She has met with world leaders, she has the connections to make her proposals happen. She has been working with groups and in the communities for years.

She has plans on how to revive the coal industry areas. She will work to strengthen our economy. She will work to stop the gun violence in our communities.

She is not perfect. She said that herself. But she has been out there as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State making our world better.

Her critics in our party use republican slurs to downgrade her and that is a shame. Half truths and lies are what I have seen coming from the Bernie camp.

As for her taking money from Wall Street, so what. If she were a man we would not be discussing this at all. That does not mean she will not hold them accountable. President Obama did and he took their money too.

As a person who has been around politics for a while and who held an elected office, I can tell you that Hilary seems to have a firmer grasp on how to be President that Bernie does.

So #Imwithher last night did not change that, in fact I’m more convinced now than when I went to the town hall.

Again these are my views. I am not condemning anyone to hell for disagreeing as some Bernie supporters have done to me. Please vote tomorrow and #voteblue just remember that the Presidency is not the same as the North Pole. Please understand that while some things sound great in theory they will not work in practice.



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