I can’t believe it is time to get ready for Thanksgiving. This year flew by so fast. It has been a year of many changes and adventures for me.

And I am thankful. I did some things this year that I never thought would be possible. I even found a form of exercise that I like! My family is doing well and as this year comes to a close I am planning out 2016.

If this year taught me anything, I learned to take a few risks. Some worked out and some didn’t quite turn out as planned but actually are better for me in the long run.

I have the rest of my schooling planned so that I can get my degree. I am looking to figure out what travel I will do in the coming year ( it is going to be hard to top NYC and Africa) and what direction I want to take career wise.

I realized that I had not written a blog since my birthday and I thought that I would share a few thoughts.

As most of you know I turned 50 this year. I am loving this age! I still get carded at the grocery store and the waitress thought my daughter was my mom the other day. I do not understand why people lament their age.

2016 will be busy, challenging and a year of more risks and more travel. I have learned to go for what I want. I am excited about the possibilities that 2016 bring and I am thankful for all that 2015 taught me.

The holidays will be exciting in the Eichorn household because we will be celebrating Sarah turning 23 and Britt graduating college. And we have a home large enough to put up all of my decorations (70 boxes but that will be another blog).

So I am thankful, I do not have everything that I want by a long shot, but I am thankful for what I do have, a few years ago I would not have thought this was possible.

My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!



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