50!! OMG I am 50!

I have been celebrating for more than a week that I am 50.  50! That seems so unreal in some ways. I do not get depressed about birthdays. My mother died a month before her 39th birthday so each birthday after 38 has been a blessing to me.

The year I turned 40 I started a new tradition with myself. Every year in May I reflect and evaluate my life and I purge the items, activities and people who do not work for me. This has made for some years of big changes (like when the person who had to go was my husband) and some years of small but effective changes.

Losing a parent helps you to realize how very precious life is and that wasting time is not an option. I like a lot of folks wish that some things were different right now, but I am so full of hope and excitement about my future that there is not time to wallow in what ifs.

My father called me yesterday (my actual birthday) and asked me if I was sad that I had more years behind me than in front of me. I just laughed. First of all, no that was not something I had ever considered and second do people really think like that? That is sad if they do.

I am thankful, I had a celebration in NYC that is still blowing my mind. I had celebrations here with my kids that were phenomenal. I have nothing to be sad about. I have the power to change any situation that I am in that I do not like.

I am pretty healthy, I do not look my age. I am blessed with great kids, great family and great friends. I still believe I have the world by the tail.

There are going to be some big changes coming, I started with one last week. But know that I am thrilled to be 50. I am thrilled to be me.

My recent trip to Africa was an eye opener for me. I have so much that I want to see, do and experience.

Stay tuned the best is yet to come.

Don’t believe me? Just Watch!


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