That time we met the President

Mother’s Day weekend 2000 my daughter Brittany and I got to meet President Clinton. She was 10 years old. I remember getting the okay that she could come the night before and calling her principal to let her know Britt would be missing school the next day.

She had made shirts for us that weekend as a surprise for me. She wore hers on that Friday. We drove up to the Akron airport and waited for him to arrive. The picture above is us going into the room to meet with him. I remember him asking me my name and I looked up at him and could not remember what it was.

We met a lot of great people that weekend. I think it helped shape who Brittany is as a person. I can’t believe that was 15 years ago. I can’t believe we are still fighting for some of the same laws today.

I am proud that we have reduced the number of children killed every day from gun violence from 12 to 8 BUT that is still 8 too many.

Many of my friends are working on reducing what we call negligent shootings but they are often reported as accidental shootings in the news.

We have far too many children dying from negligent discharges of firearms. Fathers cleaning guns and shooting children in the face, toddlers shooting other toddlers. Children and teens finding guns and shooting their siblings, parents and friends. These types of events should never occur. These events happen because an adult was negligent. Plain and simple.

The victims of these event are not collateral damage. If you feel they are please feel free to never speak to me again. I believe that the punishment for these events should be severe. Sadly here in Ohio there is no mechanism to charge someone with a crime if this happens. That is sickening.

A million mothers gave up their holiday 15 years ago to keep children safe. Many of us are still fighting every day.

Let your legislators know that negligent shootings will not be tolerated. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

Happy Mothers Day!


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