After 19 hours of flying, and several hours waiting for everyone to get to the airport in Manzini, we boarded busses to get to Legends Lodge.  As we drove along the highway away from the King’s Airport I was looking at the beautiful roads and the artistic culverts being installed along the route.

I saw lush green mountains and a beautiful blue sky. I thought to myself, who will we be helping here? This country is gorgeous.

Finally we pulled onto the grounds of the lodge and I saw a young woman jumping up and down at the sight of the vans. I started to cry. Then I saw other kids (young adults) with signs excited to see us coming. I was wondering where is my girl??

THEN I saw her. She was crying. I was crying and I could not wait to get off the bus to grab her. She was so happy to see me. I was so happy to see her.

Someone asked to take our picture and the pic attached to this blog is what we took. She took me around to meet everyone. She had thank you cards for all of the parents who helped to get me there.

I could see in that instance that she had changed. As thoughtful as she is, she would not have done that before. My little girl has been to 8 countries in 8 months, she has met people and seen things that most of us will never have the opportunity to see.  She has grown up. I was very excited to see what he week had to bring.

We were shown to our rooms and the women and men were split up into dorm rooms. Some of the couples didn’t like this so they went and got private rooms. One family stayed down the road in a resort hotel. I agreed to this week as is, meaning I was going to live the World Race experience that was set out for me.

The kids were living in their tents behind the lodge.  Some of them my daughter included, had her hammock set up. They had a fire ring. It was their own little community. I began to understand a little bit what living in community means.

As the week continued I really got a glimpse of what it meant. But that is a blog for another day.

That first day was spent catching up. I watched as she was in charge of feeding all of us. She really is my mini-me. This is good and bad for her.

I’m proud of her and who she is becoming. This race has changed her, stretched her and she has a clear view of what she wants for her future. She has 3 months of ministry left but she still needs about $3000 for her account.

Her blog site is:

Please support her as she continues to share love to children around the world.

There is much more to tell. This is the first in this series.


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