What I know for sure on this April Fools Day

For the last two days, a certain person has tried to tell me I am less than because I won’t bend to her will. And its funny to me because I am secure in who I am as a person. Very secure. I was not always this way, years ago this would have made me wonder if what she said was right.

But let me clue in a few folks out there, if you are a mess do not try to tell anyone else what to do, especially in such a way that you are belittling them.

I am a woman of faith. NO ONE can ever take that away from me. I am very passionate about causes and people. And my family and friends know that I am a great person to have in your corner.

As I reflected on the last two days I realized I must be on the path to doing right. Ever notice how when things start going well there are certain glitches that pop up?

To me she is a glitch. A temporary nuisance that will not stop me from doing what I was put here to do. Remember that just because someone says something about you, it does not at all mean that you have to own what they say. Most folks who tear others down do it because they feel inadequate.

So all of that said I am moving on from this ridiculousness and doing what I do best.

I am still fundraising for my trip to see my daughter. Please help out if you can. My current need is $1200.

Thank you

Here is my link:



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