I’m a Juju and I couldn’t be prouder

Most of you know my biological children are adults. At this time none of them are parents HOWEVER, I have a baby sister who has 2 beautiful girls and one of my daughters best friends has two beautiful kids so I am a Juju 4 times over.

Today I had my little Jillian and Tegan. Jill is 2 and Teggie is 6 month old. We had so much fun just hanging out and talking and watching Nick Jr.

And naptime we had naptime, I love naptime. I am 49 these babies make a Juju tired 🙂 But I would not trade a minute of time with them. The hugs, the love, the smiles the little voice calling my name, being delighted at new finds and just seeing the world through their little eyes.

All day I could not help but reflect on conversations I have had with Brittany since she has been on the race. She has said that there have been babies that you hold who don’t have diapers. Families that live in conditions we cannot even imagine. She has been to places where going to school is a luxury.

I look at my babies and think how blessed they are and how blessed I am. We were born in one of the richest countries in the world. We think because we can’t have something or do something that we are poor. But we have no idea what poor really means. We have roofs over our heads, food in our refrigerators, we have refrigerators! We have schools that need help, but going to school is a right not a privilege.

And we have mimis, g-mommies, nonies, jujus, gagas, grandmas etc Who get to spoil their little ones. We get to spend days having fun, sharing stories and teaching them. Without having to worry how we will feed them, where we will get clothes and diapers for them.

Yes we have poor in this country who struggle. And yes I have participated in helping here on these shores and will continue to do so. But I am asking for your help.

I want to go and be a Juju to the children in Swaziland. I want to share the love that my Gaga gave to me, and that I am now passing on to my 4 little love bugs.

Will you please help? Here is the link to my goGundme page:


Thank you!


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