These are a few of my favorite things…..NOT!

Brittany and I were laughing the other day about this trip. As I have told you, my idea of a trip is going somewhere with great shopping, historical sites and a pool. Africa just was not on my list.

Then I’m not really an outdoor girl and I hear we are going to be working on a farm. Did I tell you I don’t like the way animals smell? AND I have to wear a skirt the entire time we are doing ministry (working on said farm).

She and her squad mates were laughing and Britt said “my poor mama, she really loves me.”

And she is right. I do really love her. So with your help I am going to Africa to be in ministry with her. I will work on the farm in a skirt and show Gods love to the people we meet.

I realize some of you reading this may not be faith based. But I do know that all of my friend care about people. Please give because I am going to help others just like I do here at home. Please give because you care for people all over the world. Please give because you want to see the comedy that is bound to happen with me being in all of these environments that are not comfortable to me.

Please just give.

Thank you


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