A Powerful Lunch

Yesterday a group I belong to called the Diva Movement celebrated its third anniversary. This group works to empower women and girls. Our featured speaker yesterday was a woman who had survived the Rwandan genocide.

Her story was amazing. She talked about the politics that led to the slaughter of over a million people. She shared with us how those politics split her family. Her husband belonged to one tribe and she belonged to another. Her three boys by their tradition did not belong to her so she was forced to flee to save her life.

She faced death a couple times during that time and managed to escape with the help of God. She then was able to come to the United States, first to Hollywood then here to Columbus, OH.

Did you know that Columbus has the second highest African population in the United States? We have many refugees here in Columbus and this lady has started a non-profit that helps them learn what they need to know to survive here in the United States.

As she shared her story, she asked us a couple questions. She asked us if you were saying your last prayer, what would you say? She also asked us to come and share with the ladies she works with, she told us we have a lot of blessing because we were born here.

We were all changed by what we heard yesterday. Many of us talked afterward about how she inspired us. How we want to do better.

I had the privilege of sitting with her at lunch. I shared with her how I want to join Brittany in Africa next month. She was so excited for me.

She said she wished she could take the entire room of women to Africa. It was an amazing day. I am still in need of my plane ticket. Please consider donating.

I am looking forward to being in ministry in Swaziland.

Here is my link:


Thank you!


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