All I need is my Momma and a package of underwear!

Brittany and I were chatting on Facebook messenger earlier and I was telling her I needed to start looking into what I can bring with me to Swaziland. She said “and what you can bring me.” I laughed and said yes that too.

Then she got serious and said “I can’t think of anything I need.” I said, “except your Momma.” Then she said, “and maybe a package of underwear.”  I laughed so hard, I told her she gave me my blog title for the day.

It is amazing what changes this race has done to my daughter. She is my clothes horse. Her closet has always been organized like Oprah’s closet. I made her do her own laundry when that trend of multiple outfits per day took hold of her. And the wearing of 3-4 shirts at a time drove me nuts.

This race has changed all of that for her. Currently she is in India, she has 3 outfits to wear. Period. What a major change for her. She does not miss it. She misses her family and friends, she misses her Momma’s cooking. But she loves doing ministry. She loves the children that she has encountered in every country.

She has preached in 4 different countries, taught English, worked with trafficking victims. She has grown closer to God.

Eventually we will all get to see what she and her squad were up to in every country. A company called Gray Media is filming a documentary series of their race. I will get to be a part of that too, but I need help.

I was so excited this morning when I woke up to an email that said my passport was on its way to me. So all I need now is my plane ticket. Please consider donating every little bit will help.

Thank you

Here is my fundraising link:


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