Think outside the box

On Sunday I was prayed over and told to think outside the box for my fundraising efforts. I was told that the money is there I just need to access it. I have been trying to figure out what to do ever since.

This trip to Africa to see my daughter is very important to me. I haven’t seen her since September, I miss her. But more important than that I want to be able to see her in action. While she has been gone she has worked with children and teens involved in human trafficking, children of single parents, she has taught English to children in Cambodia, she has taught vacation bible school and worked with women in 8 countries so far.

The truth is I was not sure that I wanted to do this trip when I first heard about it because:

1) I was worried about being in a village setting

2) I am not an outdoors person

3)I am not fond of bugs

4) I knew the cost would be more than I could afford.

Then it came time for the kids to invite the parents. Brittany sent me the invite. She told me she wanted me to pray about it. So I did.

She has been homesick, physically sick and had to me herself on this race. She has learned who she is, who God wants her to be and had to live in community which stretched her in ways she never imagined. And through it all, I have known that she needed these miles and miles of separation to grow into this woman of God.

But I also knew what a hard time she had a few months ago when I could not meet her at LAX for a layover. She cried and cried because she didn’t have anyone there. There were other parents who loved on her and took great care of her, but she was still sad because neither her dad or I was there.

So back to this trip, I signed up and I prayed. But nothing I did on my own made any extra money appear. So I kind of gave up. I told her I did not think I would be able to make it, she was sad but she understood. I hated letting her down.

The next evening I delivered some marzetti to a friend who recently had surgery (this is my marzetti ministry). On the way to her house I was going to let the coordinator know I couldn’t get it together to go. Before I left, I wrote on the trip facebook page that if I could not make it please give my daughter extra love because I knew she would be sad.

As I was driving home I started getting notifications on my status. By the time I got home everything but my plane ticket was taken care of for this trip.

So this is where I am today, I need to buy my plane ticket. Please visit my goFundme page and help if you can. This trip will not be a glamorous vacation. I will be rolling up my sleeves and working along side Brittany and her squad mates.  I am not sure exactly what we will be doing but I know it will be work.

She asked me the other day what I will do when a baby with no diaper on reaches up to be held. I have thought a lot about this. I will hold the baby. I know I will see things that will break my heart.

But that being said I believe that this will happen that I will be standing on another continent in a little more than a month. That I will get to hug my child.

Here is my link:



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